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The property market is a very competitive one and there’s no excuse for a lazy estate agent. However, there’s also no excuse for a idle seller either!

If your property, big or small, (relatively) low value or (extremely) high value is on the market and going no-where… fast, take stock and take back some control.

It’s all about marketing.

We’re used to living in a society where products are targeted, marketed, to appeal to a specific buying audience – why should your ‘product’ be any different?

90%, yes 90% of viewers cannot visualise how a property could look when faced with the way it is presented to them.  That means 1 in 10 can’t imagine how your empty (or cluttered) rooms could suit their family perfectly!

It’s not as though you haven’t been deluged with TV programmes, ‘property gurus’ and press articles telling you how to sell your home…

So what could you, or your agent, do differently?

Make yourself a coffee, grab a note pad and pen, jot down some of your own ideas and, over the next couple of days I’ll tell you if you were right 😉


I caught the tail end of a discussion on Twitter the other day, a few people were debating the term ‘blog’ and whether or not many ‘blog’s were in fact just extended web pages... i.e more business than personal.

This got me thinking about the blogs I read and why I like them.  Many of them I do find appealing because of the personal element and the fact that many of the bloggers lead such interesting lives … or so they would have us believe 😉 

A daily update of my life would involve Boys, school runs, our Dog, currently a family of hedgehogs, washing, ironing, the task of deciding what to prepare for supper every night, trying to encourage regular showers and the daily struggle to find sports kits, uniforms…. socks 😦

And I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read about that!

Obviously in between ‘family stuff’, I try to fit in as much Property Marketing and Styling work as possible but, and here’s the awkward thing; many of my clients prefer to remain secret, at least until their homes have hit Rightmove or in a few cases until they have a firm offer on the table.

Some of the properties and owners I meet are fascinating.  They have character, history, clutter, weirdness, tidyness, problems, celebrations – enough stories actually to fill a book nevermind a blog! However, they are first and foremost people I work for and hopefully will work with again..

What I’ve done in the past is to try and write or find articles for people with an interest in Selling or Letting property with perhaps a bit of interior design on the side.

Perhaps the way to go is to write about the sourcing and ‘doing’ – leaving out the actual property details until the deed has been done.

Hmmm, business or personal?  The jury is still out ….

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