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A guest post by a lovely Estate Agent friend!

I just love small yappy dogs me, no really I do!!

I have done two Market Appraisals today, both of which the clients had Dogs. Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely fine with dogs, so long as they leave me alone, I mean I am wearing a suit, even in the middle of summer because it is expected of me, to be fair I only buy M&S machine washable suits.

On the first appointment I was met by the yapping of this poodle, running around and scratching at my trouser leg, followed by the most mental terrier leaping about like a derranged thing and nipping at my fingers, both completely ignoring ‘Mummy’.

I then spend the appointment with the dogs alternating for my attention, whining at me, scratching my legs, jumping up on the seat beside me when I sit down, just generally driving me nuts.

The second appointment, the property was a bit grubby to begin with and they had this absolutely ancient black lab, nice old boy of a dog, but constantly trying to sniff my crutch, and then he follows me round, so that when I turn round I end up tripping over him (and them).

Anyway, just a thought, I like dogs, and when I am wearing jeans and I can spend the time to make a fuss of them and throw a ball great, but when its business, shut them in the garden, because otherwise I might set my kids on you instead!


This post was by ‘well known’ Estate Agent   @SecretEaDad

(An article by Mark – Estate Agent Dad)

Personally I find estate agency enjoyable, frustrating, illuminating, thought provoking, depressing, exciting and just about every emotion in between, but and it’s a big BUT, never dull!

If there was any such thing as an average day, it would start with a review of the previous day and a discussion of the appointments for the day ahead, well actually it would start with a cup of tea as I get in earlier than my colleagues, I would then follow the morning meeting with viewing feedback, either that which was obtained at the appointment or by phoning the previous days viewers and then calling the vendors with, preferably, constructive feedback. After this I will prepare for my days market appraisals, commonly known as ‘Valuations’ this will take approximately half to three quarters of an hour per property, which is why it can be a little frustrating when people cancel 10 minutes before hand. Finally collect up keys and details and about 10.15 head out the door. I normally head back into the office at about 3pm to do paperwork, return calls etc. Then about 4.30 back out on end of day appointments.

I thoroughly enjoy being on appointments, I like to find out about people, why they are moving, their story, obviously you get people who don’t open up, but generally a bit of charm and cheek will get me a smile and a story, this is the great part, getting tea and cake at peoples homes is very, very nice, getting offers is great, tying up sales is brilliant, then…well then it is time for the more frustrating parts.

Sales progression, poor surveys, factory conveyancers, fall throughs, all of these are the frustrating parts of the job, the need to find time for it, rather not do it but needs must part of the job, the back office bit which leads to the part for which we get paid…exchange of contracts.

Exchange, happy days, sad days, coming to the end of relationships with both buyer and vendor (or at least a hiatus until next time) all there is left to do is hand over keys and get paid.

Oh and the headline, I wear M&S machine washable suits as I go to property with lots of pets and kids, visit  building sites, unloved property, probates and repossessions. I have been sick on, sat on by cats, dogs and kids, had porches fall off houses, got locked in and locked out, climbed in and out of windows and over fences.

Finally I drive a Nissan Micra, but that is a whole different story!

By Mark – @EstateAgentDad a Secret Estate Agent – follow him on Twitter daily!

Suit – by Michael Cooper (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Car – By Liftarn (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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